Y, Z (58 sites) : Alphabetical List

Web 2.0 Sites starting with Y, Z (58 sites)

  1. yackpack : email for voice (Email, Collaboration)
  2. Yahoo! 360 : blogging service from yahoo (Blogging)
  3. Yahoo! Answers : social info sharing (Filtering, Peer)
  4. Yahoo! Go : mobile services from yahoo (Mobile)
  5. Yahoo! Maps : yahoo mapping service (Mapping)
  6. Yahoo! My Web 2.0 : social bookmarking (Bookmarking, Collaboration)
  7. Yahoo! Podcasts : podcast search engine (Search, Podcasts)
  8. Yahoo! Tag Soup : yahoo news tag cloud (Filtering)
  9. yakalike : firefox plugin for web page chatting (Chat)
  10. Yedda : coming soon! (Coming Soon!)
  11. Yellowikis : business listings directory (Business, Filtering)
  12. Yelp : social business services reviewing with google maps (Filtering, Peer, Mapping)
  13. Yiibu : mobile applications (Mobile)
  14. Yoono : social bookmarking software (Bookmarking, Collaboration, Search)
  15. YorZ : job search engine (Employment)
  16. YotoPhoto : royalty free stock photography search (Search, Photographs)
  17. YouOS : web operating system (Office)
  18. YourDraft : online shareable documents (Office)
  19. YouSendIt : large file transfer (Storage)
  20. YouTube : social video sharing (Videos, Filtering, Peer)
  21. Yub : social shopping service (eCommerce)
  22. YubNub : command line search (Programming)
  23. Yutter : rss to email subscription service (RSS)
  24. Zaadz : social networking (Coming Soon!)
  25. ZapTix : box office ticket selling service for college-based groups (eCommerce, Community)
  26. ZapTXT : rss filtering and notification (RSS, Messaging, Mobile)
  27. Zazzle : designer apparel / merchandise (eCommerce)
  28. Zenfolio : social online photo sharing (Photographs)
  29. zenphoto : photo gallery using ajax/php (Programming, Photographs)
  30. Ziggs : search engine for professionals (Search, Filtering)
  31. Zigtag : coming soon! (Coming Soon!)
  32. Ziki : social networking site (Networking)
  33. Zillow : real estate property value estimates (Mapping, eCommerce)
  34. Zimbra : open-source enterprise messaging (Frameworks)
  35. Zingee : social file sharing service (Business, Collaboration)
  36. Zipingo : social local business recommendation service (Business, Filtering, Peer)
  37. Zippyvideos : social video sharing (Videos)
  38. Zixxo : online coupons / deals (eCommerce)
  39. Zmanda : open source backup/recover (Programming, Business)
  40. Zoho Challenge : online tests service (Office, Business)
  41. Zoho Chat : group chatting service (Chat, Collaboration)
  42. Zoho Creator : create web applications (Office, Business)
  43. Zoho CRM : hosted crm solution (Business)
  44. Zoho Office : online virtual office (Office)
  45. Zoho Planner : online task tracking (Cataloging)
  46. Zoho Writer : online document hosting and sharing (Note Taking, Collaboration)
  47. ZohoPlanner : online document/info organizer (Office)
  48. Zookoda : email newsletter management (Blogging, Email)
  49. ZoomClouds : tag cloud created from atom/rss feeds (RSS, Blogging)
  50. ZoomInfo : business listings directory (Search, Filtering)
  51. Zoomshare : website / blog hosting ; free (Blogging)
  52. ZoomTags : tag-based advertising affiliate network (Business)
  53. Zooomr : photo sharing (Photographs)
  54. Zoozio : coming soon! (Coming Soon!)
  55. Zopa : linding and borrowing exchange (Financial)
  56. Zoto : photo sharing site (Photographs)
  57. Zunafish : social products trading service (eCommerce)
  58. Zvents : social events sharing (Events, Collaboration)

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5 Responses to “Y, Z (58 sites) : Alphabetical List”

  1. gabash Says:

    you can add yorqa.com, Q&A service for bloggers

  2. Image Market Inc. Says:

    […] YotoPhoto : royalty free stock photography search (y-z) […]

  3. Yedda Says:

    I just wanted to point out that Yedda is not “coming soon” for some time now. Yedda is a social knowledge platform that offers a best-in-class Question and answers service.

    Our semantic engine automatically matches knowledge seekers with individuals who have the appropriate knowledge creating speedy and accurate answers to questions. We also supply our widgets to bloggers in order to enrich their blogs and carry their Yedda authority with them.

    A major factor differentiating us from competition is the fact we offer a partner plan allowing perfect integration of Yedda into any other site.

    We also have many great new features and announcements coming up all the time. You are welcome to read all about them in the Yedda blog.

    Lior Haner

  4. Video Services (62 sites) « Dostum Blog Says:

    […] YouTube : social video sharing (y-z) […]

  5. Mobile Services « share2shine Says:

    […] Yahoo! Go : mobile services from yahoo (y-z) […]

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