1200+ Web 2.0 Sites in 50+ categories

There are 1200+ Web 2.0 sites/services/links in 50+ categories. Pick a category.

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19 Responses to “1200+ Web 2.0 Sites in 50+ categories”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    1200 אתרי Web 2.0 (א גלית)…

    אתר שאסף כ 1200 אתרי ווב 2.0 בכ 50 קטגוריות….

  2. gmailer Says:

    There’s also http://www.mywallst.net for your financial services section, a social networking site geared towards investors.

  3. Vatsis Says:

    Another feed filtering manager & personal homepage: http://hipxxx.com/

  4. Harry Says:

    http://www.esnips.com is a great site in the web 2.0 category.
    the site provides 5 GB free storage, and many services and helpful features.

  5. kB123 Says:

    http://www.cylive.com is a a “community-centric content management platform” for managing – (co-)creating, storing, sharing, distributing, publishing – all your structured and unstructured Web content under “one roof.”

  6. KB1234 Says:

    Please check out Cylive (http://www.cylive.com) – a “Social Publishing” platform.

  7. Tangodancer Says:


  8. Vardag i bloggosfären » Den ultimata webb 2.0 länklistan Says:

    […] 1200+ Web 2.0 Sites in 50+ categories […]

  9. votigo Says:

    How do you get your site added to the list?
    http://www.votigo.com is a free community that allows any business or individual to create and share their own customized video or photo CONTEST.

  10. dealclan Says:


    is a great web 2.0 deal website where deals are posted by the user, rated by the user. Each user can write reviews, have wish list and put up used stuff for sale, if they want to sell.

  11. saran Says:

    Great collection, Can you please add http://www.jusdig.com to your directory?

    Thank you

  12. hqweb Says:

    Here’s another mapping one: mappdx.com. It’s a portland real estate site with a unique neighborhood map.

  13. simnor Says:

    Hi, I have just launched showthatportfolio which is a artist and designers portfolio site dedicated to bringing members contracts. You can find the site at http://showthatportfolio.com

    Thank you

  14. mobibu Says:


    Mobibu is a user-powered portal for the mobile phone, smartphone, palm, pocket pc and gadgets industry featuring mobile phone news, reviews, software, industry trends and opinion.

  15. pixgarden Says:

    Please consider adding http://www.tvtrip.com/
    It’s a great hotel video guide with a very nice google maps integration. Have a look 🙂

  16. BunnyFace Says:

    You can add http://www.fav20.com

    a web 2.0 application used for keeping track and access fast your most visited websites.

  17. mobilephonedir Says:

    For mobile phone social networking, please visit

    Mobile Phone Directory is a user-powered directory for the mobile phone industry featuring mobile phone accessories, plans, tools, software, ringtones, games…

  18. elizhogan Says:

    Hubbuzz.com is an apartment and neighborhood search website. Anyone can contribute to the neighborhood blogs where you can learn about things in the a particular neighborhood.

  19. JET Says:

    I’ve been experimenting with various collaboration & document sharing tools and have discovered an excellent site. It is a very user friendly, web-based application that is well worth taking the time to explore. Take a few minutes and look at Projjex.com. The tutorials are excellent & you don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out how to use it. It even offers a free version so you can try it on for size.

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