To Do Services (14 sites)

Online task lists; overlap with calendars

  1. 43 Things : social goal setting (#,a-b)
  2. AirSet : calendars, contacts, lists, blogs, weblinks sharing (#,a-b)
  3. Backpack : to-do lists and information sharing (#,a-b)
  4. GooToDo : personalized todo list (g-h)
  5. HipCal : online calendar, todo list (g-h)
  6. iOutliner : structured list making for tasks, ideas, projects (i-j)
  7. My Tickler File : scheduled task reminder service (m-n)
  8. Remember the Milk : online todo lists (q-r)
  9. SproutLiner : structured to-do list (s-t)
  10. Ta-da Lists : online todo lists (s-t)
  11. TaskFreak : web-based task manager (s-t)
  12. ThingsBreakDown : todo list for stores/schools/organizations (s-t)
  13. TracksLife : online task tracking with rss (s-t)
  14. voo2do : online todo (u-v)

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  1. lanasa Says:

    Have you tried
    It offers daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists for tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis.

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