Networking Services (40 sites)

Services allowing users to connect to other users; creating social networks

  1. 43 People : social meeting people online (#,a-b)
  2. Asoboo : social networking with events/places (japanese) (#,a-b)
  3. BiddingBuddies : social networking for ebay members (#,a-b)
  4. Blogtronix : social business networking ; blogging (#,a-b)
  5. Blue Dot : social networking site (#,a-b)
  6. Bolt : video/photo/music sharing service (#,a-b)
  7. CarSpace : social auto-enthusiast site (c-d)
  8. Cingo : social family-based networking (c-d)
  9. Collective X : group calendar, discussions, email, sharing (c-d)
  10. dodgeball : social networking with mobile phones (c-d)
  11. Doostang : social professional networki (c-d)
  12. Facebook : social student networking (e-f)
  13. Favorville : social networking doing favors (e-f)
  14. Friendster : social networking (e-f)
  15. iKarma : social business networking with recommendations (i-j)
  16. Jambo : social networking (i-j)
  17. Jigsaw : business card networking (i-j)
  18. Jookster : social networking (i-j)
  19. Jyve : skype networking and tools (i-j)
  20. Kaneva : social networking service (k-l)
  21. LightStalkers : social journalists network (k-l)
  22. linkedin : social business networking (k-l)
  23. Lovento : social networking and meeting (k-l)
  24. Map Mix : mapped social networking (m-n)
  25. Meetup : localized interest group meeting (m-n)
  26. MyMapSpace : social networking site with maps (m-n)
  27. MySpace : social networking (m-n)
  28. openBC : social business networking (o-p)
  29. opinity : social networking with testimonials (o-p)
  30. Orkut : social networking (o-p)
  31. PeerProfile : social info / bookmark / photo sharing (o-p)
  32. Popist : social networking site (o-p)
  33. Rabble : mobile phone blogging and social networking (q-r)
  34. ShoutCentral : social networking site (s-t)
  35. TagWorld : social networking + blog + music + storage (s-t)
  36. the black stripe : social photo sharing (s-t)
  37. Tilika : online calendar (s-t)
  38. TownCrossing : online communities (s-t)
  39. Tribe : social networking service (s-t)
  40. Ziki : social networking site (y-z)

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9 Responses to “Networking Services (40 sites)”

  1. Eons = Social Networking for Over-50 Crowd : eConsultant Says:

    […] Networking Services (40 sites) : Web 2.0 Directory : eConsultant : […]

  2. 600 More Voices Shouting | Says:

    […] Pop on over to and you can find more than 1,000 sites already designated as “Web 2.0” in more than 50 categories. Some of these you may already be using. A couple I’m sure you have heard of before …like My Space and You Tube. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of this newest web “version” and already we have: 85 Bogging sites 4 Video Blogging (vlogging) 44 Video services 24 Chat services 27 Messaging Services 31 Email sites 28 Networking sites* 16 Communities* 28 Podcasting sites 6 Publishing sites 68 Photography sites 112 Peer Sites* 156 Filtering Sites (largely RSS readers, etc.) * all basically “social networking” with some overlaps… That’s more than 600 sites (remember there are some duplications between categories) that didn’t exist two years ago, and many that still weren’t here last year. […]

  3. cdevore Says:

    Check out Fast Pitch is an online destination that links professionals together based on what their company does. Think ‘eHarmony for Business’.

  4. MurrayMaxwell Says:

    Another good one is . Pretty cool Free dating/networking site.

  5. Cognoscente Says:

    Check out AutoConcourse is an aggregator of automotive news driven by the community. We cover the OEM and aftermarket industries, motorsports, shows, events, and the latest photos and videos. Users can submit news, contribute to the editorial process by voting on content, create and maintain image galleries, connect with friends, and post comments to stories and

  6. GeekyTiffy Says:

    Awesome list put together. One of my favorites is Great high school sports community that allows you to upload videos & photos. Always fun watching and voting on biggest hits.

  7. mixxt Says:

    Hi, thanks for the overview. Another site which let’s you start and configure your own social network is It would be great if you could add mixxt to your list šŸ™‚

  8. jaaf Says:

    great list.
    my personal favorite is

  9. pagi: Labmm 209 Aula04 Says:

    […] Uma seleĆ§Ć£o de serviƧos de rede sociais. […]

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