Project Management Services (5 sites)

Services to assist in large project execution

  1. Basecamp : project management tool (#,a-b)
  2. dotproject : open-source project management application (c-d)
  3. iOutliner : structured list making for tasks, ideas, projects (i-j)
  4. ProjectPlace : web-based project management (o-p)
  5. Side Job Track : independent contractor job management (s-t)

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2 Responses to “Project Management Services (5 sites)”

  1. almerica Says:

    Has anyone tried Project Manager .NET?
    Project Manager .NET is software designed to be Simple and Easy to Learn. It will help organize both small and large projects for personal and business use. Download a copy at

  2. nokej Says:

    We use as our project management tool. It’s additively simple, but very powerful. They have recently released a Gantt Chart within the tool.

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