Polling Services (5 sites)

Polling / surveying services

  1. dPolls : online polls (c-d)
  2. ExamProfessor : online exam, tests, quizes (e-f)
  3. Grouptivity : group email response service (g-h)
  4. Quimble : online polls (q-r)
  5. Vizu : interactive polls (u-v)

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6 Responses to “Polling Services (5 sites)”

  1. pollpub Says:

    PollPub.com – Start a poll today, or vote on many crazy polls!

  2. danzen Says:

    Just launched Tapoll – the predict-a-poll site where you predict and vote at the same time. You can Tapoll flickr, digg, YouTube, Amazon and Del.icio.us items to add polls to them.


    Dan Zen


    mad inventor
    meets Internet
    finds peace

  3. kinkel Says:

    we have launched http://www.voteo.de
    a german web2.0 News Poll Service.
    Incuding, tagging profiling and matching functions.

  4. questionform Says:

    just launched QuestionForm:
    Professional online surveys made simple.

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