Start Pages Services (23 sites)

Totally customizable personalized starting pages

  1. 24eyes : personalized start page (#,a-b)
  2. CosmoPod : online destop software (c-d)
  3. eskobo : personalized start page (e-f)
  4. Favoor : personalized start page (e-f)
  5. Feed Pile : personalized start page with feeds/sites (e-f)
  6. Fold : customized start page (e-f)
  7. fyuze : personalized start page (e-f)
  8. Google Modules : personalized start page from google (g-h)
  9. Google Start : personalized start page from google (g-h)
  10. HyperSuper : personalized news site (g-h)
  11. Inbox : personalized start page; email (i-j)
  12. inform : social news stories site (i-j)
  13. ItsAStart : personalized start pages (i-j)
  14. LinkedFeed : social news sharing (k-l)
  15. Live / Windows Live : personalized start page (from microsoft ) (k-l)
  16. Microsoft Live : customized start page (m-n)
  17. Netvibes : customizable homepage (m-n)
  18. Pageflakes : personalized home page (o-p)
  19. Protopage : personalized start page (o-p)
  20. Start : msn web2.0 experimentation site (s-t)
  21. StartAid : personalized start page (s-t)
  22. SuprGlu : personalized start page (delicious / flickr / blogger) (s-t)
  23. TechTiki : personalized tech news page (s-t)

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4 Responses to “Start Pages Services (23 sites)”

  1. Tekno Seyir » Blog Arşivi » Başlangıç sayfası Says:

    […] Bu ikisi dışında Google’ın Google Ig, Microsoft’un ve siteleri benzer amaçlarla kullanılabilir. Farklı alternatifler için buraya bakılabilir. […]

  2. -the- Virtual Web Assistant » Protopage-A place for everything and everything in its place Says:

    […] Protopage is not the only start page, there are a lot of them about. I use protopage to share ideas, and everyday too. For a more comprehensive list go this List to explore further. It is like picking out a pair of jeans, you need to try a few on before you find some that fit. The nice thing about these pages is it makes it easy to streamline your workflow and have a place to dump ideas. […]

  3. dany Says:

    news startpage cool!!

  4. phpcow Says:

    Here is another one, PHPCow Personalized Start Page

    The Demo

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