Non-Profits Services (9 sites)

Services related to non-profit organizations

  1. AidPage : social non-profit information (#,a-b)
  2. Darmik : ecommerce platform with portion donated to non-profits (c-d)
  3. Dropcash : social fundraising (c-d)
  4. GiveMeaning : social fundraising (g-h)
  5. Givezilla : fundraising storefront service (g-h)
  6. NetSquared : non-profit assistance conference (m-n)
  7. OpenCourseWare Finder : open courses from 6 universities (o-p)
  8. SaleHug : sales blog with portion donated (s-t)
  9. Word of : social cause advertising on blogs service (w-x)

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  1. manwanis Says:

    I liked the collection. Keep it up.

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