Music Services (47 sites)

Creating, discovering, searching, sharing, storing etc for music

  1. AjaxAMP : winamp media player plugin (#,a-b)
  2. BandNews : band scene search (#,a-b)
  3. : music news collection (#,a-b)
  4. bebop : musical gig tickets in uk/ireland (#,a-b)
  5. bigcartel / MerchBoss : music merchandise store (#,a-b)
  6. Bolt : video/photo/music sharing service (#,a-b)
  7. BreakingLocals : local music scene (#,a-b)
  8. Castpost : social video hosting / sharing (c-d)
  9. : electronic music streaming (c-d)
  10. DotTunes : itunes sharing application (c-d)
  11. EveryBit : search multimedia web content (e-f)
  12. fluctu8 : music/radio aggregation engine (e-f)
  13. Flukiest : music/photo/video sharing (e-f)
  14. GenieLab : music recommendation site (g-h)
  15. GlideDigital : social photo/music/video/file/etc sharing (g-h)
  16. iTunesLove : social music news sharing (i-j)
  17. JamBase : music search engine (i-j)
  18. jamendo : social free music sharing (i-j)
  19. kSolo : social karaoke music sharing (k-l)
  20. Las.FM : social music radio (k-l)
  21. LivePlasma : music / movies recommendation engine (k-l)
  22. MediaMax : online media / file storage ; free (25 gb) and paid accounts (m-n)
  23. Mercora : music search engine + internet radio (m-n)
  24. Muiso : music companion service software (m-n)
  25. Music Arsenal : record label management (m-n)
  26. MusicHawk : social music site (m-n)
  27. Musicmap : music recommendation site (m-n)
  28. Musicmobs : social playlist sharing and music discovering (m-n)
  29. MusicStrands : social playlist sharing and music discovering (m-n)
  30. MyVideoKaraoke : social karaoke video sharing (m-n)
  31. Orb : secure access to media (music/photo/video) (o-p)
  32. pandora : music recommendation streaming service (o-p)
  33. Plurn : social playlist sharing and music discovering (o-p)
  34. Poperti : play music from a pop3 emaail account (o-p)
  35. Pure Volume : social music group sharing (o-p)
  36. PureVolume : social music site (o-p)
  37. Radio Blog Club : social music streaming (q-r)
  38. RadioTime : personalized radio (q-r)
  39. Sideload : social music storage (s-t)
  40. Songbird : open-source firefox-based music player (s-t)
  41. Songbirdnest : open-source iTunes (s-t)
  42. Stickam : social media sharing (s-t)
  43. Streampad : social playlist sharing and music discovering (s-t)
  44. Stridr / swapzies : social media storage (s-t)
  45. TagWorld : social networking + blog + music + storage (s-t)
  46. UpTo11 : social playlist sharing and music discovering (u-v)
  47. Webjay : social music playlist sharing (w-x)

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8 Responses to “Music Services (47 sites)”

  1. champ1979 Says:

    Web 2.0 Indian Music Site:

  2. Shaneus Says:

    2GB Of free online storage

    With skyfolder Music you can put an end to the endless transfer of your music from your home PC to your phone to your MP3 player to anywhere else!

    Your music will be stored securely in your own skyfolder account where only you can access it. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can play, download and listen to your favorite songs.

    skyfolder Music allows you to create custom playlists. With a free account holding up to 700 full length songs, you’ll never be far from your favorite tunes!

  3. ocelma Says:

    Oh my god!
    And he forgot the most Webbish 2.0 music website,

    It gets info from user’s account,,,,, etc.
    From this info, the system recommends you similar artists (even from,,, etc.)., as well as Podcasts sessions, MP3-blogs, upcoming gigs near to your location, album reviews, etc.

    This is a real Web 2.0 exploiting the mashup approach.

  4. dscanland Says:

    Music Discovery Social Network
    You create a profile on Music Emissions and start adding friends and favorite bands as you browse through the reviews. When new reviews are posted, a recommendation engine is engaged and if the site finds albums that fit into your profile, you will be alerted. You can also recommend albums to other friends, both registered and not.

  5. max_evil Says: – upload and share your music.

  6. audiojam Says:


    AudioJam’s just new and looks like it’ll be
    really cool for both bands and music lovers.
    We can even sign up for free!

  7. musana Says:

    music happiness center

    Register for our private beta on

  8. knewjax Says: :: Search | Share | Discover Live Music

    The premier online destination for searching and discovering local live music. Track your favorite artists, get concert reminders, find new shows, and make new friends!

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