Events Services (17 sites)

Sites tracking local events / happenings; some overlap with calendars

  1. 30boxes : online calendar (#,a-b)
  2. buddyPing : social events/info search with mobile phones (#,a-b)
  3. CalendarHub : online calendar (c-d)
  4. Cityfeeds : city happenings for metropolitan areas (c-d)
  5. Cluckoo : neighborhood information sharing (c-d)
  6. eventful : social calendar sharing (e-f)
  7. Eventicus : social events manager; german (e-f)
  8. EventSniper : online calendar (e-f)
  9. evnt : social calendar sharing (e-f)
  10. HipCal : online calendar, todo list (g-h)
  11. Kiko : online calendar (k-l)
  12. MeetWithApproval : group meeting manager (m-n)
  13. Mosuki : calendars and events sharing (m-n)
  14. Podbop : podcasts of bands coming to your town (o-p)
  15. Skobee : social events manager (s-t)
  16. Upcoming : social events calendar (u-v)
  17. Zvents : social events sharing (y-z)

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2 Responses to “Events Services (17 sites)”

  1. jlerner Says:

    Hi – great resource here. Would like to add our site – BusyTonight.

    “BusyTonight: Search for any event in the United States, by keyword, location, and date. Event listings are automatically crawled and updated from original source web sites.”

  2. zigire Says:


    Please could you please add Gig Lovers (

    ‘Events’ and ‘Music’ sections would be great, thanks. 🙂

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