Email Services (30 sites)

Email service providers including voice mail via email etc

  1. 9cays : group mail (#,a-b)
  2. : blog update notification via web/email/messenger (#,a-b)
  3. Campaign Monitor : email and newsletter management (c-d)
  4. co.mments : comments update notification service (c-d)
  5. Collective X : group calendar, discussions, email, sharing (c-d)
  6. FeedBlitz : receive rss via email (e-f)
  7. Funambol : email/calendar service for mobile (e-f)
  8. gmail : email from google (g-h)
  9. goowy : web-based mail, contacts, calendar, games etc (g-h)
  10. Grouptivity : group email response service (g-h)
  11. Inbox : personalized start page; email (i-j)
  12. Joyent : web-based software (email, calendars, contacts, shared apps) (i-j)
  13. Laszlo : web mail client (k-l)
  14. mail2rss : converts email into rss feed (m-n)
  15. MyEmail : pop3 email account access (m-n)
  16. NewsletterArchive : email and newsletter archive (m-n)
  17. OddPost : email service (acquired by yahoo!) (o-p)
  18. Poperti : play music from a pop3 emaail account (o-p)
  19. RoundCube : browser based email (q-r)
  20. ShinyLetter : online postal letter service (s-t)
  21. SkyLook : messaging with outlook (skype + outlook) (s-t)
  22. Slawesome : email for voice (s-t)
  23. Springdoo : emails by voice (s-t)
  24. Sproutit : hosted email management (s-t)
  25. Squeet : rss feeds via email (s-t)
  26. TempInBox : disposable email accounts (s-t)
  27. TrustMyMail : social spam filtering (s-t)
  28. WaxMail : voicemail for outlook (w-x)
  29. yackpack : email for voice (y-z)
  30. Zookoda : email newsletter management (y-z)

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4 Responses to “Email Services (30 sites)”

  1. tarun88 Says:

    NowPos free vMail is a voice e-mail service that’s much better than Slawesome and Springdoo.
    1.6 GB Inbox, 5 MB attachment limit, text-messages with picture display (RTF soon).
    My fingers are tired now.

  2. Virtually Everything… Mash’em all up! at Whollycity Development Says:

    […] Blogging | Bookmarking | Browsing | Business | Calendars | Cataloging | Chat | Collaboration | Community | Cooperative Distribution | Designing | eCommerce | Email | Employment | Events | Filtering | Financial | Frameworks | Games | Geotracking | Grassroots | Humor | Invitations | Messaging | Mobile | Music | Networking | Non-profits | Note Taking | Office | Peer | Photographs | Podcasts | Polls | Programming | Project Management | Publishing | RSS | Search | Start Pages | Storage | Streaming | Tech Support | To-Do | Travel | Vblogging | Videos | Web analytics | Wi-Fi | Wiki | See all 50+ category definitions Filed under: Mapping Mashups, Web 2.0   |   Tags: No Tags. […]

  3. JackWhack Says: is outstanding. It is clearly the easiest, fastest, highest quality video email service I’ve seen.

    No software installation.
    No registration. Just click record & go.
    Records in real-time, no need to wait for server to save mail (like Springdoo, ugh.. so slow)
    Instantly review, re-record, record another.

    Most importantly it creates a thread so all subsequent replies have the original message and all new messages instantly available by clicking a thumbnail.

    I’ve been using the GabJam feature. Once a GabJam is started, anyone who has a link to the message will see all the messages in the thread, including messages that are created in the future. You can place a shortcut to the thread on your desktop and then you don’t even have to send the email. The messages appear in the thread when you visit the link or refresh the page. It’s awesome!! It’s like multi-user video Instant Messaging.

    Check out this GabJam:

    You can add your own video email to the thread.


  4. tilsammans Says:

    l8r lets you send email later.

    * Calendar prepare up to five year’s worth of happy birthday emails
    * remind your friends one day before the Bloomingdale sale
    * remind yourself to buy flowers on your wedding anniversary
    * impress your boss by “sending” email at 11PM (and showing up at 8AM next day!)

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