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Browsing Services (18 sites)

Web browsers, add-ons, plug-ins etc

  1. AdaptiveBlue : firefox cataloging extension (#,a-b)
  2. AjaxAMP : winamp media player plugin (#,a-b)
  3. AjaxWhois : ajax domain name registration information (#,a-b)
  4. AttentionTrust.org : attention owners rights (#,a-b)
  5. Blummy : multiple bookmarklet tool (#,a-b)
  6. Browster : fast browser preview plugin (#,a-b)
  7. ButterFly : personal notes on webpages (#,a-b)
  8. Camino : mozilla browser for mac (c-d)
  9. claimID : manage your online identity (c-d)
  10. co.mments : comments update notification service (c-d)
  11. Cooliris : browser extension for previewing (c-d)
  12. fireant : unified media viewer plugin software (e-f)
  13. Flock : open source web browser (e-f)
  14. Itzle : chat about any webpage (i-j)
  15. StreamDrive : social media sharing (s-t)
  16. thumblicio.us : screenshots of the most popular del.icio.us sites (s-t)
  17. Wikalong : firefox plugin for web page notes in a wiki (w-x)
  18. Wizlite : webpage text hightlight sharing service (w-x)

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